Juventus London Football Club U11 Juvent

Juventus London Football Club U11 Juvent

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Pos Player Name Appearances Overall Goals Goals Penalties Assists Yellow Cards Red Cards Second Yellow Card Sin Bin Started Subbed On Subbed Off Bench Used Bench Unused Own Goal Conceded Captain Player Of Match
2 Baran, Ariel 1 1
3 Falzone, Luca 1 1
4 Gulkaya, Eren 1 1
5 Gulov, Emir 1 1
6 Kowalski, Alan 1 1
7 lascia, theo 1 1
8 Lourenco, Adam 1 1
9 Naidoo, Rikhil 1 1
10 Nazario, Wil Angel Nazario Soto 1 1
11 Osakwe, Chibuifem 1 1
12 Ozkan, Bejan 1 1
13 Sahin, Ozan 1 1
14 Sbeastiao, Cassius Menga 1 1
15 Ward, Taejarn 1 1
16 Zbant, aris 1 1

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Ariel Baran

Luca Falzone

Eren Gulkaya

Emir Gulov

Alan Kowalski

theo lascia

Adam Lourenco

Rikhil Naidoo

Wil Angel Nazario Soto Nazario

Chibuifem Osakwe

Bejan Ozkan

Ozan Sahin

Cassius Menga Sbeastiao

Taejarn Ward

aris Zbant

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