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Walking Football

  • 25/01/16
  • By Gordon Hopkins
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Walking Football has come to Andover!

The local Saturday League has teamed up with Test Valley BC to promote the new 'Walking Football' craze currently hitting our Country!
Aimed at giving old players the chance at having another go, it has proved enormously successful with numbers increasing week on week.
So far the oldest has been 79! and everyone who has come has marvelled at the comradeship, friendship and plian good fun!
It is at say - Walking football. No running, no tackling and as well as providing an outlet for latent passions about the game, it also provides valuable excercise and fills a much needed slot in some lives to combat loneliness.
It's on every Tuesday at the Andover Leisure Centre from 5.40 to 6.40pm. You;ll need trainers, either shorts or jogging bottoms. Bib tops are available.
Want to see if you can still 'do' it? only one way to find out!!