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  • 06/10/15
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Delays with Players being added to the Full-Time website

Just to keep you up to date I am experiencing a high volume of emails regarding player registrations being updated on the Full-Time website.

I am working through these, but with working a 14 hour day I still have around 600-800 players currently outstanding.

All clubs have access to member services and as long as the players are showing then they are registered to play. As already communicated on 3 separate occasions any players not showing need to be simply added to the notes section when completing your weekly match returns on Full-Time.

I will not be able to respond to individual emails regarding registrations until I am up to date, but will check spreadsheets and if players requested have not been received then I will let you know.

I took a 10 day holiday to get this done before the season commenced, but due to a late influx of players and also email problems, where I did not receive some allocations this was not completed in the timescale that was allowed. As mentioned previously and with having to be up for work at 04:00hrs I have limited time available in the evenings to work on registrations.

My apologies for the inconvenience, but all players will be updated as soon as I possibly can.